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Manju is an Associate with our Firm. Manju has 12 years of experience in family law addressing all pertinent areas including:
custody, access, child and spousal support, relocation, equalization (including pension division, valuation of stock options, valuation of businesses including medical and law practices), income analysis of self-employed spouses, child protection

Manju grew up in the Peel region of Ontario and attended the University of Toronto to obtain a Bachelor of Arts, followed by a Law degree at Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario.

Her background in Sociology and Psychology has enabled her to utilize her education to address the emotional and financial realities of families going through separation, be child-centred and provide effective legal representation for married and common-law couples and families of various genders.

Manju’s use of advocacy skills and her experience in out-of-court negotiation and litigation facilitate the provision of the most appropriate legal services for each client. She remains committed to making Family Law accessible to families of all financial backgrounds and accepts Legal Aid certificates on a limited basis.

Manju is fluent in both English and Punjabi

Manju’s other interests include Disability law, Health law, and Modern Art.